The Theoretical Challenges of Democracy

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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The article that will be review is an article written by Weale A, in 2007 in his book known as the “In Democracy”. The article that is of review is taken from chapter 1 and the articles title is “The Theoretical Challenges of Democracy”. The main theme of this article is the “global resurgence of democracy”. In 1989, the Berlin Wall was destroyed and which brought communism to an end in the Central and Eastern Europe. This Berlin Wall was considered as one of the major challenges of democracy but it now comes to an end. For example, the failure of the military dictatorship in Latin America to establish a non-democratic form of political legitimacy has paved the way for the restoration of democratic government in the 1980’s. Another example is the end of Apartheid in South Africa which led to the association of democratic government and equality between members of the same community. There is no first or second class citizen. Former authoritarian political systems that are very conservative begin to open to new influences and political ideas. The above changes led many observers at that time to claim that “we are all democrats now”. In other words, this trend led to the end of political debate about systems of government or it “has ceased to be a matter of contention but has become a matter of convention”. Although, there is a trend towards democracy occurring during the 20th century, this trend must also be qualified as most authoritarian rules still exist in many societies. For example, prior to the handing over of Hong Kong to China by the UK, the Chinese government went and installed its own appointed legislative council and replaced the politically elected legislative council. Another example is within China itself, there is suppression against political opposition which shows the persecution and imprisonment of democracy demonstrators in Tiananmen Square. Meanwhile, in the period of 21st century, it has its own new challenges for the established...
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