The Themes in the Short Story

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Back to Front

Attention, finding out who you really are, obsession of showing that you are special, and parenting are some of the themes in the short story "Back to Front." Nick, the main character of the short story, is obsessed with the thought of being the center of attention. He is obsessed with showing the world that he is special and unique. He even sacrifices his own life, to fulfill his need of attention.

"Back to Front" is a English short story written by Nicola Barker. It was first published in "The Three Button Trick" in 2003. The author uses a omniscient narrator, so we do not only follow Nick's, but everybody's thoughts. In this case the narrator is reliable.

From the day Nick was born, he already was set apart. Outwardly he seemed very normal, but compared to everyone else, he was different inside. His organs were inverted. On line 24-25 it says: "Nick was set apart. He was different. Outwardly, not a sign, but inside, everything back to front". This fact played a significant part in Nicks life. His hole life he tried to show the world that he is unique, or in other ways, he constantly seeks for attention. Only the doctors knew that Nick was different. So he could have grown up like a normal child. But he did not. He knew that he was special and that he was not like other ordinary people.

By the time he began in school, he tried to get the attentions of his schoolmates. But he tried too hard, to convince them of his superiority, that they began to hate him, and finally to ignore him. On line 49-50 it says: "He became a blank. A nil. A nothing." Here it shows, that his failed try to be the center of attention, led him to be ignored.

Not only in school is Nick being ignored, his mother who has always seen Nick like something special suddenly remarries to an African man called Thomas. On line 52-53 it says: "Grace thought Thomas was different, not ordinary like she and Nick were but, oh so special" This shows that Grace no longer...
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