The Theme of a Short Story

Topics: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Fiction, Daydream Pages: 5 (801 words) Published: July 16, 2012
The Theme of The Secret Life Of Walter Mltty

Eng. 125 Introduction to Literature

Karnisha Kirby


Felix A Williams

Pg. 1 The Theme of The Secret Life Of Walter Mltty

Today we will take a look at one of the literary works of James Thunder, The secret Life of Walter

Mitty. In this short story is based on the character Walter Mitty who throughout the story escapes

his reality by daydreaming about being more important and being depended on by others as a


This story deals with a man who feels that people, especially his wife who thinks he can’t make

important decision on his own and consistently makes him feel inadequate as a man. In one part of


story his wife asks him “why don’t you wear your gloves”? “Have you lost your gloves? (Clugston. W

Journey into Literature Chp 1 pg. 2) then Walter Mitty put his gloves on, then as soon as his wife turns

her back to go into the building he takes the gloves off. This clearly shows his lack of confidence in

standing up to his wife, by letting her know he could make the decision on wheatear not to wear

the gloves or not.

The story is also deals with his struggle to stand on his own in the real world, but more importantly

how to stand up to his wife. In each incident when he is annoyed with his wife he slips back into the

daydream to give herself the power to make key decision in a glories fashion. So in the daydream

he takes the gloves that his wife wants him to wear off, but does so in a day dream were he then

imagines himself as a famous surgeon, who is ask to save a friend of the president life. The gloves

his wife asks him to put on is in the daydream as a symbol of the power he wants in

real life. Remember he takes the gloves off as his wife enters the building. In the day dream he

takes the gloves off, but more of on his terms “it’s the millionaire banker, Wellington McMillian, said

the pretty nurse”? Yes said Walter Mitty removing his gloves slowly. ( Clugston, W Journey into

Literature cha 1 pg. 2) made himself the person of dominance and the nurse symbolizes his wife,

because in the daydream he knows more than her and he shows his dominance by taken his gloves

off slowly in front of her, while replying to her statement.

The point of view made the theme possible, because if this short story was written from the first
person view it would have been hard for the writer to transform Walter Mitty’s reality to daydream

in the paper. Because In the first persons the author would have to let the reader know when he was

about to daydream or the story would have confused the reader.

The character definitely played a big role in the theme because in a way the theme is about his way

of dealing with reality. Every point in this story is from what he is thinking and his bridge between

reality and his own toughts. In this short story the author doesn’t show how the wife feels and the

reason for that is the story is about his trails not hers So the Character in essence represents a

husband who is challenged by an overbearing wife and really doesn’t cope well with it. It also shows

that there is something deeper that affects him in this story, maybe age or a condition that is not

mention in the story.

I also love the plot, because at first makes you feel like you were reading a war novel, then it brings

you back to Walter Mitty's reality. For example “A newsboy went by shouting something about

the” Waterbury Trial” (Clugston .W Journey into Literature cha 1 Pg. 2)/. In this part of the story

Walter is walking down the street and is trying to remember what his wife told him to pick up from

the store. Then when the boy shouts...
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