The Theme of Family in the Novel “the Silver Spoon” by John Galsworthy

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4th year student of English Philology

The Theme of Family in the Novel “The Silver Spoon” by John Galsworthy COURSE PAPER

Research adviser
Assist. Monika Gruslytė

Šiauliai, 2009


2. Theoretical Part5
2.1 John Galsworthy’s Life Experience5
3. The Theme of Family in the Novel “The Silver Spoon” by John Galsworthy9 3.1 Main Characters of the Novel “The Silver Spoon” and Their Characteristic Features9 3.2 Michael Mont and Fleur Forsyte Mont11

3.3 Features of Family’s Intercommunion13


John Galsworthy was born in 1867 at Kingston Hill in Surrey, England (Wikipedia: John Galsworthy). He attended Harrow New College and in 1886 entered Oxford University. John Galsworthy was studying law, continuing family tradition. However, he was not keen to begin practising law (Petraitytė, 1999: 213). His literary career began when he married Ada Nemesis Pearson Cooper, because she saw that he has a talent and encouraged him to work for literature (Ibid, 215). There is one more person, who had big influence on John Galsworthy’s literary works, that is, Joseph Conrad (Wikipedia: John Galsworthy).

John Galsworthy is a prominent author among contemporary others, because he used his own experience of life while writing most of his works. According to Peter W. Graham, “Galsworthy writes best when he solve problems, takes examples from his own life, his own background or family history, or attempts to express the complex course of motivations and duality in his own” (EBSCO: Graham, 2001). John Galsworthy was interested in various aspects of life and he expressed them through his literary works. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1932 and after six weeks John Galsworthy died.

The most notable literary work of John Galsworthy is the trilogy “The Fosyte Saga”, which consists of several novels: The Man Of Property, 1906; (interlude) Indian Summer of a Forsyte, 1918; In Chancery, 1920; (interlude) Awakening, 1920 and To Let, 1921. The trilogy “The Modern Comedy”, consisting of The White Monkey, 1924; (Interlude) a Silent Wooing, 1927; The Silver Spoon, 1926; (Interlude) Passers By, 1927 and Swan Song, 1928, is also one of the most notable literary works.

The aim of this paper is to analyse the theme of family in the novel “The Silver Spoon” by J. Galsworthy. To achieve this aim following objectives have been raised: 1. To draw similarities of J. Galsworthy’s life, personal experience and his fiction.

2. To examine the main characters of the novel “The Silver Spoon” by J. Galsworthy in order to disclose the theme of family.

3. To analyse intercommunion of the Forsyte family.

The following methods have been in the applied:
1. The analysis of scientific literature for the background of the research.

2. Descriptive analysis of the depiction of the intercommunion of the members of the Forsyte family in the J. Galsworthy’s novel “The Silver Spoon”.

The course paper consists of the following major parts:
The introductory part, the theoretical part, the research part consisting of two chapters – one is dedicated to the analysis of the main characters of the novel “The Silver Spoon”. Another part deals with a detailed analysis of the intercommunion between the members of Forsyte family.

2. Theoretical Part

2.1 John Galsworthy’s Life Experience

John Galsworthy was born in 1867 at Kingston Hill in Surrey, England into an established wealthy family. He was the son of John and Blanche Bailey Galsworthy (Wikipedia: John Galsworthy). As philologist Irena Varnaitė said in the interview with Atrida Petraityte, “John Galsworthy born in a very wealthy family. That is why, he had the best conditions to play, recreate and study from the early years. John’s life was like gala, festival; just later...
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