The Theatre of Absurd

Topics: Samuel Beckett, Existentialism, Theatre of the Absurd Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: November 15, 2012
4.It has been said that Waiting for Godot is a play in which nothing happens-twice. Compare how two playwrights, whose work you have studied this term, have used the Absurdist form to express their ideas. Out of all the plays we have studies, I think that ‘’Waiting for Godot’’ and ‘’Blasted’’ are the ones in which the authors mostly used the Absurdist form to express their ideas but nevertheless through completely different styles. First of all ‘’Absurd’’ is commonly known as the philosophical concept of ‘’ existence absurdity’’ which means everything that the human mind cannot explain, such as unjustified and meaningless actions which can be found in both the plays. The word ‘’Absurd’’ comes from the Latin and is a link between the word ‘’ab’’ that express a concept of ‘’ far from’’ and ‘’sardare’’ that means ‘’speak wisely’’. In Blasted as regards violence and in Waiting for Godot as far as the whole contest, the unfolding events, the absence of a temporal structure and the unspecified location. To explain my understanding of absurd and what led me to find it in those two plays, it is appropriate to start from the analysis of the authors lives, because the connection is very clear as not only have Sarah Kane’s work been deeply influenced by those of Beckett, but the thing that most unite the two is the sense of depression, and dissatisfaction that confines both in the solitude and consequential denial of reality. This was what caused Beckett to feel the sense of loneliness and non sense that led him, though, to reflect on the tragic human existence but also what permitted him to create his masterpiece. In the case of Kane the reflection on the tragic nature of life and the absurdity of the existence leads her to the total madness that tragically ended up in the act of suicide. In any case, depression took the authors to conceive uncommon opinions about reality, and trough their own mental ‘’insanity’’ or ‘’diversity’’, write their masterpieces that the...
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