The Tet Holiday

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The Tet Holiday Every year, Vietnamese people usually look forward to the Tet holiday in Vietnam as well as outside of Vietnam. It is the biggest holiday for Vietnamese. Because of using lunar calendar, the Tet holiday is celebrated in the end of January of in the beginning of February. The Tet holiday is a moment that all members of a family stay together and tell to each other what happened in recently year. On this occasion, almost all stores and supermarkets are decorated with many colors. People usually use red to illuminate their place; in Vietnamese culture, people believe that a red brings a good luck. Some families paint and clean their house to make it newer. People also purchase new clothes and trinkets to wait for and welcome a new year which is coming. After a hard working year, this is a moment that everyone can be decked out in new clothes. One week before the last day of a year, people start storing food; because two days before the last day, all stores and supermarkets shut a door. People usually make Chung cake, pickled onion and frozen meat which are Vietnam’s traditional food. Chung cake always takes a long time to boil, at least 10 to 12 hours. Although it takes a long period of time, people feel happy while they are waiting for it. They could spend that time to seat together and tell to each other what happened past year. Children interest in a period of time when they wait Chung cake; they could stay until midnight instead of have to go to bed early. Besides, they also make five-fruit tray; they use to worship the ancestors. People also go to pagoda to pray for a good year. During the first three days of a new year, Vietnamese people do something that is supposed to be good for their family. Incense is burned all day in every family; this smell makes people remember their deceased relatives. Most Vietnamese people believe that their deceased

relatives who still support them from the heaven. Therefore in the end of a year, people go to a...
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