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The Terminal

By | July 2010
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Analysis of The Terminal

In the movie Tom Hanks’ character Viktor Navorski, is a man from an Eastern European country. He knows very little English when he arrives to New York. The movie starts off with him having a huge language barrier between him and the police officer, who is trying to get Viktor to understand the situation going on in his country.

As Viktor is walking into the department of Homeland Security, the chief person is trying to let Viktor know that a war has broken out in his country, and he is no longer to leave the airport, and is told he isn’t a citizen of anywhere at the moment. Unfortunately though, since Viktor know hardly any English, the Chief has a hard time trying to get his point across to Viktor. The Chief then decides to show Viktor what is happening through using props. Viktor still has no idea what they are saying to him. Though he doesn’t understand the Chief then releases him into the Terminal, and therefore lets him roam around in the Terminal, and Viktor, then decides to live in the Terminal until he is allowed to leave.

His first night of staying in the Terminal didn’t go to well. Viktor loses his food vouchers, and he is trying to get people to understand him to get them to help him. Victor then tries to use the phone to call home, but he doesn’t understand how to use the phone card, and can’t get anyone to help him, because they don’t understand him. Some of the workers at the Airport even think he might be a spy, trying to get them in trouble.

When Viktor first looks at the television, he sees the news and his country isn’t on it. He is confused because he can see all the pictures going on, but he can only pick up a few words. The only way to understand it, he gets too of the same books, one in his language, and another in English, he then compares the two, and picks up a few more words.

Finally Viktor gets people to become his friend, and they start doing things together. In my opinion they become friends...

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