The Tennis Court Oath

Topics: Louis XVI of France, French Revolution, Want Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: March 3, 2012
The painting above depicts the Tennis Court Oath during the French Revolution. At first I look at this picture objectively, seeing thousands of people revolve, rotate, and question this one central entity. This individual, he has a weight on his shoulders. Hopefully, with moral, he will take control of those around him. Moral does have objections with respect to equality though, as we all want what’s best for us - some of us do not want equality, we want to be ahead. However, Liberalistic and Interventionist ideals both create problems: one wants freedom, one does not - neither is moral, as both are unequal, think about it. Liberalism breed’s wealth Inequality, interventionists segment society. An egalitarian or dictator is not what is wanted from those above - every individual wants their good news. They want to be above and beyond the individuals around each other.  With all the power of the National Assembly orbiting the central entity, you, what is your purpose in being the centre of attention? You have nothing to gain. You have power: you are wealthy. What else do you strive for? Frustration and desperation to exceed your initial expectations will set in. So you’re in the position to make the world a better place, will you? The above story may seem out of place, but New Media is creating a wave for the future. With Twitter and Facebook igniting the Middle East, and simply 10 years after its invention, the Television has spiralled into hundreds of millions of home globally: (New Sentence) YouTube has merely been around for less than 10 years and has changed our lives, it’s simply remarkable. More recently, for the first time in history, Prime ministerial Debates in the UK were streamed throughout the country – for which my University, Birmingham, had the honour of hosting the 3rd in the series, it’s becoming apparent that finding new forms of media to send out messages is the way for the future. Even Political issues are being streamed to the masses, for...
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