The Ten Commandments Is Meaningless for Christians

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  • Published : February 24, 2012
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‘The Ten Commandments is Meaningless for Christians today’

The Ten Commandments were a set of moral rules given by God to Moses in order for his people to follow, which contains religious duties and social duties. Nowadays society has changed and it is acceptable in the public eye to do things that in the past would never have been allowed. In some cases, morality has become more lenient and people have more freedom to do what they like. Many Christians still practice their faith, and follow the Ten Commandments, however I do not think they follow or observe it as carefully as they used to, as most Christians now try and keep a balance between what everyone else wants them to do and what God wants them to do. I would not say that the Ten Commandments is meaningless for Christians, however I would agree that it has become less important.

Although Christians know about the 10 commandments, people may say that the 10 commandments are irrelevant to our society today. Many commandments such as ‘Observe and keep the Sabbath holy’ have been slowly modified and changed to accommodate to Christians lifestyles, for example due to our 24/7 society, many Christians shop on Sunday or have to work on it, and some don’t attend mass as often. Many youth nowadays seem to have dropped their faith, and seem to follow the lifestyle of fame and fortune, or with the freedom given, are influenced or do things that they have seen celebrities do, which are often bad, rather than follow saints or what Jesus did. Others may argue that with all the different faiths, people are able to distinguish what is right and wrong, but not necessarily follow the exact commandments, once again fitting it in according to how they would prefer to live their life.

However, many other people argue that the Ten Commandments are still meaningful, even for people who aren’t Christian. The Ten Commandments provide the moral roots and guidelines to life, and are used in the law too, for example,...
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