The Tembusu Tree at the Botanic Gardens

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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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Tembusu at Botanic Gardens
The Tembusu tree is one of Singapore’s 161 heritage trees native to Singapore. It is also featured on the back of the Singapore $5 note. At more than a hundred years old, it has stood the test of time, a war, pests and the demands of generations of visitors to the Botanic Gardens. With a long bow branch upon which adults rest and children perch, it has also become a favourite photographic haunt for wedding couples, tourists and families alike. A hardy and long-lived tree, it is there to entertain yet more generations to come. ( Issue -- The heritage tree scheme was introduced by National Parks Board (Nparks) on August 2001 to promote the conservations of our mature trees for purpose of ‘greening’, beautification and instilling identity. However, the significance behind the conservation of the Tembusu tree as a symbol national heritage may not be clear to people. Solution – A plaque can be placed in front of the Tembusu tree to educate people about its origins and how it foster national identity in Singaporeans. Field trip should be made compulsory in primary and secondary schools, so that students can be educated from young to identify certain distinctive heritage trees in Singapore, and be educated about its significance in Singapore’s history. Perhaps, like the orchid, this tree can be made an iconic symbol of Singapore as a country that is unique like its bow shaped trunk and is strong and resilient like the tree which had gone through much of Singapore’s history.
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