The Tell-Tale Heart Activities

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  • Published : June 7, 2012
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“The Tell-Tale Heart” Comprehension and Style Activities I. PLOT QUESTIONS FOR “THE TELL-TALE HEART”
1. Title: Based on the title, predict what the story will be about. 2. First paragraph: From whose point of view is this story told? 3. First paragraph: To whom do you think the narrator is speaking to? 4. First paragraph: Why does he say, “But why will you say that I am mad?” 5. Second paragraph: What is the narrator’s problem (Conflict)? 6. Third paragraph: Write down what you think the author means by “I went to work.” 7. Third paragraph: Why does the narrator treat the old man so well in the mornings? 8. Sixth paragraph: Why doesn’t the narrator leave when he realizes the old man is awake? 9. Seventh paragraph: What is the sound the narrator hears? 10. Tenth paragraph: Whose heart do you think the narrator is hearing? 11. Fourteenth Paragraph: Who is at the door?


12. Paragraph sixteen and seventeen: What is the noise? 13. Paragraphs sixteen and seventeen: What is the narrator feeling right now? 14. Paragraph (s): How do/does the paragraph(s) end?

K. Shafer; one of interview options and retelling of scene adapted from J. Dube; some of activities adapted from Holt

II. Irony – Listen to story again and track different types of irony. Find at least 1 kind of each type of irony.

Verbal Irony
-occurs when there is a difference between what a character says and what another character understands Ex. Scar says, “It’s to die for.” Example from Tell-Tale Heart: (Hint: what does the narrator say about himself?)

Situational Irony
-when the opposite of what one would expect to happen actually happens Ex. My dog Lucky was hit by a car. Example from Tell-Tale Heart:

Dramatic Irony
-when the reader/audience knows something that a character doesn’t Ex. Example from Tell-Tale Heart:

What is the effect of this irony on the reader?

III. Literary Elements
1. Mood, or atmosphere, is the overall feeling in the story. How would you...
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