The Team That Wasn't

Topics: Ernest Shackleton, Leadership, Mount Everest Pages: 4 (1367 words) Published: December 18, 2011
GRADE: A- = 90.


[findings] Eric does not have much time. The four team meetings have proven to be more frustrating than productive. He has seven of FireArt’s top-level managers under his direction but not under his control. He could accept failure; he has alternatives. Perhaps he should abandon a sinking ship, accept his sunk-costs and look for opportunity elsewhere in the market. [writing style is a little inefficient – consider my changes]

Team 14 recommends [or proposes] that Eric should instead hunker down and regroup, both figuratively and literally. [As this report is organized, I would provide a guide-posting paragraph here. Explain that rest of this section is a recommended 3-step plan. Then explain use of the Shackleton and Mt Everest sections]

First step: Eric must first establish himself as the leader. While he does have experience as a project manager, his lack of true leadership experience is his Achilles heel. Eric lacks confidence which can lead to indecisiveness. To overcome Insufficient confidence [try to emphasize active voice] requires the guidance of willing and experienced leaders. In this case, that [always define] would be the CEO. The CEO Jack does appear to be accessible and may be Eric’s only avenue for internal mentorship. External mentorship and independent learning should also be explored. Better planning for each meeting will be critical. The leader sets the agenda and the tone for every meeting. Eric must be viewed as a confident leader capable of making the final decision while welcoming critical evaluation and alternative viewpoints. [you do not quite explain how]

Second step: Once Eric has established himself as the leader, he can then focus on the team. At least on the surface, everyone including Randy appears committed to FireArt. In addition, there is a lot of talent on this team. There is also overconfidence, insufficient confidence and evidence of...
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