The Teaching Profession

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Teaching is described by different teachers in various ways and one which made an impact to me is that, “Teaching is the noblest of all profession”. My cousin, Ms. Gertrudes is now a mathematics teacher in Muntinlupa city. We studied in the same university where we shared together many great things including teaching. According to her, teaching is the most noble among all the professions since all professionals underwent education with a teacher. Through the internet I arranged an interview with Ms.Gertrudes where I gained more insights about her view of teaching as a noble profession, furthermore it opened up a new realization on teaching in relation to our society today. From this point of view, I will lay the foundation of my reflection on the interview with basic education teachers.

How teachers mould the minds and hearts of every learner reflects the kind of society we have. Inside our classroom for instance, fast track students represent various responsibilities in the society – teachers, nurse, house wife, policeman, and engineer, among others. Some of us are passive and some are active, having different background and different reactions, yet we were here for the desire to learn how to teach. The teacher not only facilitates learning but could influence the mind of future politicians, engineers, doctors, policemen, priests and nuns, educators, legislators, and ordinary citizens among others. In an interview with Ms. Mondragon she said, “I considered it (teaching) as a means for which God used me as an instrument to touch lives and in the process, I myself is transformed by my students’ lives”. Indeed, teaching and learning is a collaborative process which exemplifies the unification of a problematic society that we are experiencing now, yet continuously striving through difficult times in finding solutions to the problems. A teacher must assume this tremendous responsibility if we still aspire for a more livable society: a responsibility to be formed and be transformed so as to form and to transform the lives of people. A teacher seeks to transcend the ordinary limits of him or her by allowing the ultimate good to use that life as an agent of transformation. This role of a teacher is highly dignified as Ms. Gertrudes puts it, “every individual is a prime mover in our society however, the teacher is noblest since he or she teaches how to be noble”. Such phenomenon in teaching and learning permeates from one individual to the other like a hoop that never end as Henry Adams once said, “A teacher affects eternity; no one knows where his influence stops”.

A society consisting of good citizens, according to Socrates is a good society, and the highest end of every individual is to become good. Aspiring to be an educator is learning to become a good student first. Only in this manner I understand that learning is a process of becoming; a good teacher influences students to become good if not the best teachers to become educators of a society who stretches its vision farther towards the future. However, going through this process is a painful one. An intricate silk cloth is not made overnight such as an effective teacher is a result of years upon years of rigorous training. Evidences of this are testimonies of teachers especially those at the beginning years of teaching who would describe teaching as “difficult”, “not easy to be an adviser”, “a thankless career”, or “challenging” among others. In a conversation with Sir Sapul he said, “…it is not even acceptable that a teacher can commit mistakes, in class or outside”. It is a reality that the society has set the highest standards of how they would look at teachers – they should be perfect. It is an expectation that every individual is called for but the challenge is directed specifically for teachers to respond. I believe that each one shares the same responsibility to strive-to-learn to become a better person who is humble enough to accept undergoing a painful...
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