The Teachers' Role in the Modern Society

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  • Published : November 15, 2010
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It is fact that innovations in technology have led to changing the way of teaching in recent times. This brings us to the question of whether the role of teacher will be as important as it did in the past. In this essay the arguments surrounding teachers’ role in the modern world will be examined.

At first place, there are some people out there who champion no matter how technology of communication via computers is advanced, the teachers’ position will remain steady all the time. They argue that, for instance, students working with computer for their study feel likely impersonal. Besides, giving questions and receiving feedback directly are positive approaches in order to foster students. And they would certainly have more living skills when they socialise to an ordinary class, this point is more crucial especially for pupils or little students.

However, it also can be supposed that studying via computers has lots of advantages. My personal view on it is that the most striking strength feature of online courses is the significant reducing of costs. In other words, with supporting equipments one teacher or lecturer can run a class which has a large amount of students. For another, the travelling expenses will be cut down as well and that could be the big concern for the majority of people. Furthermore, this way of teaching gives students more chance to practice their lessons with no limit time like ordinary classes and also requires students to prepare an independent characteristic which will be useful for ther life later.

To conclude, it seems likely that in the modern society the role of teachers are fading and there is an upward trend in taking online courses for a large number of people.
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