The Teacher Who Had Great Influence on Your Life

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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The teacher who had great influence on your life
There are many people that influence me in my life, especially teachers. But the teacher who had great impact on me was my sixth grade English teacher Mrs. Oanh. Mrs. Oanh was not a normal English teacher. She taught us many writing technique that I still use today. I remember this one day in English class; Mrs. Oanh was teaching us the fan boys out of no where she started singing the fan boys. Still to this day I can remember the rhythm that she taught us. Mrs. Oanh had different ways for each of us. She would suck your right in she made us think out of the box. Also, Mrs. Oanh had this way to make writing exciting, and that you cannot live without writing. There never was a day that was not interesting in English class. Mrs. Oanh was the one who inspired me to write everyday. She would always tell her students “when you have bad days write about it.” Mrs. Oanh was one of the reasons why I wanted to become a writer. She had a way of make me feel that I could become anything. Mrs. Oanh would teach us how to write complete sentence. We would help her put the rap together. I remember Mrs. Oanh was in front of the class we were learning about the writing process. Mrs. Oanh went to her desk, and said whoever the first person to say what the steps of the writing process are would get this big chocolate candy bar. I never had seen so many hands go up so fast. Even through no one know the step of the writing process Mrs. Oanh gave everyone candy.  The biggest lesson Mrs. Oanh taught me, I think, was about how to become a good man. She said to me when she saw my handwriting: “handwriting is the reflection of your personality. When you want a good handwriting, you have to practice writing every day with high patience and spirit.” That was the best memory of my study. This useful lesson she gave me helps me improve myself a lot. Time goes quickly. However all my impressions of Mrs Oanh will stay forever in my mind. She is...
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