The Teacher as Agent of Change

Topics: Teacher, Education, School Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: February 25, 2012
By Marilyn R. Garpida
Teacher III

There are multiple roles that teachers are expected to play in the community especially among the young people. The three significant ones are to help develop the moral character of children; hone their talents and gifts and be second parents to them.

In order to develop the moral character, teachers must possess unquestionable set of morality themselves. As the saying goes, “values are not taught but caught.” If teachers tell their students to be punctual but they themselves go to school late, no one will believe the value of this virtue. If they teach students to respect one another but they themselves engage in slandering their fellow teachers before they start the day’s teaching sessions, students will not believe what they are teaching. If they teach about the health effects of cigarette smoking but they themselves smoke, students will just regard this as a subject-matter, not something to live by. However, teachers forget that values could also be taught. According to Bilbao (2006) if values are not taught then there is no point in including values formation in educational curricula. The fact is, values formation is teaching the will. It includes cognitive, affective and behavioral aspects. It includes training the intellect and will. The intellect discerns a value and presents it to the will as something good or evil. The will chooses firmly to act on the good and avoid the evil. As Thomas Aquinas puts it “the intellect proposes and the will disposes.”When the will chooses the good, the person lives with it and makes it a habit. Teachers then must exert efforts to teach and live standard set of morality. If they do this successfully, the community will become a place of order and unity. Teachers are also expected to hone the talents and gifts of the students. To be able to do this, teachers must plan for varied learning experiences which will bring out the potentials of...
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