The Tea Industry in India Since 1991.

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  • Published : May 28, 2012
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The Tea Industry in India since 1991.

The Tea Industry in India has experienced enormous change during the last 25 years or so, all though the production of made tea has increased from the 1990’s levels however, quality has declined to a large extent. This phenomenon has reduced the price realization and also resulted in closer of many reputed tea manufacturing companies. As manufacturing units have closed down the cultivation and business of green leaves has increased and factories with the sole purpose of manufacturing has amplified. These are called “bought leaf factories” and do not own or operate tea plantations. The scenario that has resulted is not progressive for Indian tea industry because a) Quality has been compromised; b) Specific amendments have not been made in the “Plantation Labour Acts” due to which there is usually a drift between the management policies and productivity of the workers and standard of living. Certain companies with greater financial autonomy have provided better facility to workers and as a result have created a space for themselves within the industry randomly Goodricke group, Jayshree Tea and Planatations, Barooah & Associates, Williamson Magor, Amalgamated Tea and Plantations Pvt Ltd, Andrew Yule & Company Limited and few others. On the other hand, majority of the companies have not been able to run their setups in a developmental manner because of lack of support from the Government of India. Tea has been a major source of foreign revenue earner for the Government of India but the due importance has not yet been given by the Government for the upliftment of the industry. Various policies have been formed and a large amount of money has been pumped in without any accountability. On the contrast the tea plantations sector in Africa and to some extent Sri Lanka along with South of India have surged ahead with bigger incomes and diversifications. The primary problem of the industry currently is that professionalism is lacking...
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