The Tasks Ask You to Describe the Meaning of Terms, Potential Effects and How Your Practice Supports Diversity. It Is Always Useful to Add Examples You Have Seen and Can Reflect on Which Confirm How You Apply Learning.

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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The tasks ask you to describe the meaning of terms, potential effects and how your practice supports diversity. It is always useful to add examples you have seen and can reflect on which confirm how you apply learning.

1. Explain what is meant by: 


Stated in a dictionary, Diversity means “difference, unlikeness, variety, and multi-formity - a point of difference”.

It literally means difference and is about recognising people as individuals no matter there race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, status, age, physical abilities, religious/political beliefs, or other ideologies.


Stated in a dictionary, “Equality means the state or quality of being equal”.

Equality basically means equal rights for people regardless of what might make then different e.g. disabilities etc. All humans should be treated as equals.


Stated in a dictionary, “the act of including, the state of being included, something that is included.

Inclusion is about making sure that, no matter of the person (disability, age, race, gender etc), that they are included into tasks and activities and not left out because of hindrances or point of views.

2. Describe the potential effects of discrimination

Discrimination can happen in any form. It could be because of their age, gender, culture, race, sexuality, religion, if they have a disability, education, class, personal features or poverty.

Discrimination among children has a great impact on their self-esteem, self image and self-confidence. They would have a low self esteem, not want to join in with activities or discussions because of what they say or do may be wrong. They’d feel isolated and maybe stressed and unable to cope.

When children are discriminated against they will have a loss of motivation, which will affect their everyday lives through growing up and when older, so will not have the chance to fulfil their potential. They may not want to take...
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