The Tao of Pooh

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  • Published : February 27, 2011
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The Tao of Pooh demonstrates all of the aspects of Taoism, and so do the everyday Winnie the Pooh books, shows and movies. It was most likely not intentional, but the creators of this famous bear incorporated more lessons than just how to treat your friends.

The over-stuffed teddy teaches the principles of Taoism in ways that aren’t quite obvious. Rabbit tends to think too much while Pooh just follows his gut. Pooh’s method of approaching life usually works out for him but Rabbit isn’t so lucky. Taoists believe that people should follow their natural inclinations and not try too hard. Another example of Taoism in Winnie the Pooh is the symbolism of Piglet’s size. It could be viewed as a weakness or strength. He might have to overcome certain challenges but he also has some advantages over people of bigger stature. This shows that people should appreciate themselves, others, and things for what they are and not worry about what they aren’t.

I strongly believe in the Taoist theme of just going with the flow. I think it is important for people to just relax and not get stressed out about every little thing. I don’t understand why a lot of people seem to think everything is such a big deal when it really isn’t. When people can stop worrying about meaningless things, I think they will be much happier and will have an overall better life. Winnie the Pooh can teach everybody a lot about Taoism but I think this is the most important lesson. It is such a simple moral that it is most of the time overlooked by people, but it can definitely help someone out a lot in life.
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