The Tall Man: Documentary Questions

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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1. Would our view of the events change if we began the story from the Police officers' perspective?

Chris Hurley was the subject of target in the movie documentary 'The Tall Man'. Cameron Doomagee's supporters positioned the viewers on their side of the story and made it seem as if Chris Hurley was responsible for Cameron's death. They did this by negating all of the police officers insight into the problem.

2. Which voices do you find most convincing? Why.

Cameron Doomagee's de facto was most interesting because she acted kind and welcoming to all of the viewers. Her voice made viewers feel sympathy and think that she was innocent and deserved justice for her husband. As for Chris Hurley, we barely heard any of his voice. All of the voices we heard of him were from news interviews and scratchy recording, which makes it seem less convincing. Chris Hurley was not interviewed during the documentary so it felt like he was trying to hide from the shame.


Do you feel that the filmmakers intend us to believe that Hurley is responsible for Doomadgee's death? Why?/Justify

All of the evidence leading to Cameron's death was against Chris Hurley and we heard no evidence or facts that could be in favor to Hurley. The majority of witnesses throughout the film was upset and angry at Hurley for killing Doomadgee who was a 'happy go lucky'. The filmmakers intentionally position us to believe that Chris Hurley was responsible for Cameron Doomadgee's death by making Cameron seem like a happy guy who went to catch some crabs and lobsters for his family.

4. Is it possible to draw any other conclusions?

It is possible to draw more conclusions because no-one was there to prove that Hurley did kill Cameron. The only reason Hurley is remained responsible is because a man also arrested saw Hurley beating on Doomadgee in the police office. However, the man drank 40 beers the night before so his statement was not fully valid.

5. Does the film suggest why...
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