The Talk around Abortion in the United States

Topics: Pregnancy, Controversies, Controversy Pages: 5 (1720 words) Published: December 18, 2012
The control of fertility has always been a topic issue for women. Different pre conception and post conception procedures have been practiced since the ancient times. Abortion has become a major topic for everyone in the United States. It became very focused when the Roe Vs. Wade case was passed. This is because many individuals have strong, colliding opinions on abortion and it’s laws. The two main group views of abortion are pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life are individuals who believe abortion is wrong, and pro-choice are people who believe it is up to the mother to choose what she wants. While one particular view has not been proven to be correct or incorrect, it has brought many persuasions to the table on what should be considered the right view.

When researching this topic we acquired many textual information sources as well as real-life experiences on abortion. We analyzed five sources that were written for the same type of audience. However, the discourse and exigence for these articles varied from pro-choice, pro-life, and the awareness of laws on abortion. Many of the authors had the same purpose, which was to get their point across about why they believed their view was the correct one. One of the main constraints found in these articles was just the fact that individuals have strong views and are sometimes impossible to persuade, thus causing different reasoning on why one viewpoint is right and the other wrong.

In one article we analyzed, it gave us both viewpoints of being pro-choice and pro-life. It states how the pro-life faction contains more people who have a religious background, certain morals, and are conservatives. Pro-life are individuals who believe that the mother should not take the right of the baby away because “abortion is wrong just as killing is wrong and stealing is wrong in any society, regardless of cultural values.” (Lopez 513) Pro-choice are typically individuals who focus on the fact that that the mother doesn’t want to have a child because they feel that there are future problems that will arise if they baby were to be born. This could be because the baby will be born with severe medical issues; the mother could be hurt during pregnancy; and sometimes even for selfish reasoning. While this article was more informational on both sides, we had other articles that focused on one side more so than the other.

Two of the articles we chose primarily focused on how the effects of abortion can cause short and long term problems. Short term being the baby’s life is taken away and long-term on the mother’s mental and emotional state. The mother can have guilt, sadness, and severe bouts of depression because of the choice of having an abortion. The other pro-life article is about a young girl named Afton Dahl. She wrote a persuasive speech on how abortion should be illegal. The article shows how older generations are less conservative than younger generations. Given more information on the view of pro-life by these two articles, we analyzed two articles that were pro-choice.

The two articles that were pro-choice focused inclusively on how the laws of abortion effect women considering or choosing to have an abortion, and how abortion is in some cases sought to be a better option as a whole. Many states require for the mother to look at an ultrasound, hear the heartbeat, and wait twenty-four hours after their appointment to make their decision. They do this not to necessarily change their minds, but to let the mother know there is a living being inside of them and it gives them time to make sure this is the decision that they want to make.

With the view of one article, we find an example of a woman who was 20 weeks pregnant when she found out her unborn baby was going to born with defects. This was going to cause him to be in and out of hospitals, thus causing her decision to get an abortion. She lived in Texas, which required for the mother to view and ultrasound before getting an...
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