The Tale Tale Heart

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart, Kill Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: May 16, 2013
In the story The Tell-Tale Heart Edgar Allen Poe protruded a mad man insisting on his sanity. The story begins by a nameless man describing his nervousness about his plan to kill “the old man.” He insists that his nervousness does not make him mad or insane. He is not sure why the thought of killing the man came to him all he knew is that he was certain he had to do it. He did not hate the old man he actually said that he loved him. But he could no longer tolerate looking at the pale blue eye every day. He compared the eye to a vulture eye, and he hated it. For seven nights in a row the “mad man” would slowly open the old man’s door being careful not to awaken him. He would slowly stick his head through the cracked door and turn a lantern on to watch the old man sleeping. For the seven nights the old man slept and the mad man did not see his hideous eye. He said that he could not kill the man because all he hated was his eye, so he would close the door and let the man sleep. But on the eight nights the mad man did the same again, slowly cracked the door. On this night the old man startled in his bed sat up and asked who was there. The mad man stood very still so the old man would not know it was him; he stood there for hours. Filling sure the old man had fallen back to sleep the mad man continued to enter the room and saw the eye. He heard the old man’s heart breathing. He said it sounded like a clock enveloped in cotton. The sound increased the madness of the mad man. He busted into the room, pulled the old man onto the floor and pulled the mattress onto the old man. The mad man sat on the mattress and smothered the man. Then the mad man chopped up the old man’s body and hid him under three small planks in the floor of their home. After a while the mad man heard a knock at the door. It was three policemen men. There had been a scream coming from the man’s house. The policemen were there to investigate. The mad man invited them in the house and offered them a...
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