The Tale of Two Brothers

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Tale of Two Brothers

This fairy tale starts out with two brothers, Anubis and Bata, at Anubis' home. While the elder Anubis is away from the farm, his wife attempts to seduce the younger, single Bata. She tries her best, but he rejects her time and time again, allowing her to make no advances towards him. Out of spite, the wife tells Anubis that his brother (Bata) tried to seduce her. As a result, Anubis tries to kill Bata, who flees the farm. He prayed to god Re-Harakhti to save him from his raging brother, and the god created a moat filled with alligators between the two brothers. Since Anubis cannot reach Bata, he cannot kill him, allowing Bata to tell his side of the story. To prove that he is telling the truth, Bata cuts off his genitalia and throws them into the water to be eaten by the fish. Bata then states that he is going to Cedar Valley, where he will place his heart on a cedar tree blossom. He tells Anubis that if that tree should be cut down, he will be able to find his brother's heart and bring Bata back to life. The way Anubis will know to travel to the tree is if he receives a frothy beer. Hearing all of this, Anubis realizes that his wife has attempted to cheat on him, so he kills her. During his travels, Bata comes across an Egyptian deity who takes pity on him. Another Egyptian god named Khnum creates a wife for Bata, who has created a home in Cedar Valley. Since she was created divinely, she is sought after by many... this includes the pharaoh. The pharaoh succeeds in seducing Bata's wife, and she betrays Bata more so by having the pharaoh order the tree with Bata's heart to be cut down. Once the tree is cut down, Bata dies. Anubis receives his frothy beer, and heads towards Cedar Valley. He searches for three years to find his brother's heart, and eventually finds it during year four. He puts the heart in some cold water, and Bata is resurrected. Somehow, Bata takes the form of a bull and goes to see his betraying wife with the pharaoh....
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