The Tale of Little Decipere

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  • Published : October 10, 2010
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Alex Cook Creative Writing Fairy Tale 8/19/10 The Tale of Decipere

Along the eastern shore of a distant country, there rested the small town of Cittagatzi. The fishermen brought in the fish. The weavers weaved. The farmers farmed. Children listened to their parents. Everyone in the town did what they were supposed to do except for one little girl. The name of that girl was Little Decipere. Everyone in the town loved her, for she was full of life and energy. Yet whenever Little Decipere was asked a question she would lie. Nothing that anyone had ever told her would make her tell the truth. One day her parents, who love her dearly, decided to have a talk with their daughter. They asked her to come in from play and had her sit with them at the table in the kitchen. “Child, we need to talk with you” said the father, “Your lying needs to end.” “Yes,” said the mother “you're nearly of age. How are you to find a husband when you never tell the truth? What kind of man would marry you?”

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Little Decipere looked into the eyes of her parents and said “You're right Mother, Father. My lying will end here so that I might find a suitable husband.” Now that the conversation was over. Little Decipere was allowed to leave, and go play. Obviously, Little Decipere was lying, for she never tells the truth. Her real plan was to gather her belongings, throw them into a bag, then leave town. She could no longer stay and marry some crotchety old man. She refused to stop lying. She immediately left her town, heading north along the shore until she reached a boating town. In the third tavern that she walked into, there was a man recruiting sailors. She headed over to him and asked if she would be able to join. “Ha!..You're just a little girl! Why would we want you on our ship? You would only get in the way.” Little Decipere's face turned red with shame. She walked out of the tavern and went behind the building. As she stood there she cut all her hair short, hoping to look more boyish. Walking back in, she approached the same man. He eyed her and declared “You look a lot like a little girl who just walked in here.” “That's because she was my sister. I am looking for work on a ship. Are you hiring?” The man had her sign some papers and took her to the ship, where she was made to clean the handrails and decks. It wasn't until the sun had disappeared in the west that the Page 2

ship left port. A sudden lack of swaying startled Decipere out of her sleep. Rising from below deck, she climbed up to check if they had hit land. Looking over the railing, she realized that the ship was rising up in the air. There was a new captain controlling the boat. His magnificent clothes were rumpled and worn, and swept around his body. His wild white hair swung around a face that displayed nothing but the purest joy. “Lower the ropes!” the shout echoed all over the ship as men threw thick cords over the railings. Then they promptly slid down the thick cables into the town below. “And who, are you?” Spinning on her heels, Decipere came face to face with the captain. Now that he was so close she noticed that his skin had a slightly bluish tint, and that his whole body was covered in strange spirals and markings. The designs were white like scars, but she had the feeling that the captain was born with them. “Well?” The captain seemed to think that she was a half-wit, for he spoke much more slowly as he repeated the question. “” Decipere had no good answer, other than the truth, so she dodged the question. “I could ask you the same question. It's rude to ask the names of others before declaring yourself first.” The new captain laughed at that. Well considering that you are riding on my ship you can call me Majesty, Sir, Imperial Highness, Page 3

Your Grace, or Captain. I do not care, just stay out of the way little girl, a pirate ship is no place for children. “I'm no girl, I'm a boy. How dare...” Decipere started.

“Don't try to lie to...
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