The Table Turned by William Wordsworth

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  • Published : January 24, 2011
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The Table Turned
William Wordsworth

:1st stanza

Up! Up! My friend, and quit your books
Or surely you’ll grow double
Up! Up! My friend, and clear your looks
Why all these this toil and trouble

a. It is completely against neoclassical. Because, according to the neoclassical poet, the only pleasure is reading book. They say that literature teaches us good and virtue, give examples of what hero did in his life and gives us models to follow. Meaning we are actually taught by books

b. here the poet says; leave your book and go to nature . You need your life. Don’t waste your time reading book. Nature will teach you whatever you want to learn, and books cannot teach you as much as nature.

c. If you read book you'll grow double, unhealthy fat .nothing will pleased you or even teach you. And when that happens; you wont have pleasure and will feel no beauty. Receive real fact of truth poetry is your truth??!!

d. The poet here seem he orders us by telling us get a way (off) from books. He didn't try to invent him to go nature with him and have some lesson or pleasure. He insist on him, to be wise through going back to nature, and get friendship and literature from it.

e. When you go back to nature, you will not get boring. Every thing come to you spontaneously (take you by sudden) You’ll find all the knowledge written in books spontaneously by sudden in nature, and you’ll never expect what to find or tell or ask yourself about what will happen. You will feel toward things through all your senses, and never forget what you’ve felt and learned. You see rose to have an idea, these ideas come to you through feeling and emotion and senses.


:2nd stanza

The sun above the mountain’s head,
A freshening luster mellow
Through all the long green fields has spread,
His first sweet evening yellow.

Choose of words >> selective ..
Yellow,, mellow ,, luster [[ dark]]
It is kind of soft and sound feeling, very soft and tender. (What does he mean by selective of words?)

a. Sun is giving you some kind of luster come to the world with shine light healthy and fresh. It is not kind of luster sparking which hurts us but mellow.

* The sun is covering the universe with shining brightness that is fresh and healthy. It’s not that it will hurt our eyes.

b. It is not spread when the field of green! We are in spring time or summer time in other word the best time of the year.

Not in the middle of the day but in the first sight of evening; when the light is soft and not dark yet. He actually tries to attract us (or ordering) to get a way from book.

:Choice of words
Mellow and yellow: use of the dark and unclear letter “L” gives a soft sound (like the sound of lullaby that puts a child to sleep). The sensation we get from it is soft. There’s another “L” in luster. This is his selection of the language of the man.

* the 1st stanza is an order to get away from books, the 2nd stanza is about nature just before dark. There’s a contrast between these tow stanzas. We have the books that will give us trouble, fat age, unhealthy, unclear sight, and let you look free. A scientific fact is that people living in the desert, near the sea, or in green fields have better sight than city people, because many buildings give limited sight.

* look at the sun that will makes us worm. And makes us see the fields. He starts with the sun; “S” is a soft sound, and the “B” and the “K” are a closed (stop) sound. He gives the idea of softness through the play of sounds, and we don’t think about it but feel it.

* In mid-day we are busy and have no time for communication or stories, but now it’s the evening time. Wordsworth chooses the best time of the day and the year in his poem.

c. The word evening has its significant too, Evening not like the middle when the time of work but in the evening the time of relaxes, the time of sitting with family.

d.This word is well-chosen to show...
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