The Syria Situation

Topics: Syria, Bashar al-Assad, Hafez al-Assad Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: May 1, 2013
One of my professors recently cited a stat that over 60% of college students do not know of the current situation in Syria. Sadly to say, I was part of the majority on this one. I recently heard that very professor talking with a colleague about whether the United States should intervene or not, so I was determined to find out what was going on. Failing to be informed of this situation prior to today makes me wonder how many events such as this pass over my radar. But nonetheless, after a good deal of research, I became pretty well informed of the current situation. I also found quite a bit of information on the debate whether the United States should intervene or not. Either way, Syrians are dying everyday, and people should know about it.

In March 2011, several children painted anti-establishment graffiti on some walls in Deraa, Syria. The Syrian government, under Bashar al-Assad, detained fifteen of the children and tortured them. This launched a protest within the city, and although the protest was peaceful, the government responded violently, killing 4 people involved in the protest. This then led to the protests spreading throughout the country, and out of much more violence from the Assad regime, turned into a full-scale rebellion.

The situation is now classified as a civil war. There are two clear-cut sides: those in support of al-Assad, and those seeking to overthrow him. Unfortunately, over 40,000 people have died so far, and more is added to that number everyday. For instance, just last Thursday 16 citizens were killed in a car bombing, seven of which were children. However, reports are now showing that al-Assad’s forces are diminishing, and the rebels are taking more and more ground. But this only makes the debate whether the United States should intervene or not even more complicated.

There is a lot of discrepancy as to whether the United States should help the Syrian rebels or not. Of course, with any good debate, there is no clear...
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