The Symbolism of the Journey

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  • Published : April 10, 2011
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RUNNING HEAD- The symbolism of the Journey 1

The symbolism of the journey
Katharine Wood
Instructor Alex Vuilleumier
ENG 125

The symbolism of the journey 2 I have chosen to write about the symbolism between two stories. ( Rhys’s “ I Used to Live Here Once” and Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”). I have chosen to compare these two because they use a lot of symbolism. I am drawn to Frost’s poem and Rhys’s short story. I will write about how both author’ use symbolism in different ways. Frost “The Road Not Taken “is a poem, Rhys’s “I Used to Live Here Once” is a short story. “I Used to Live Here Once” symbolize death. In the story there is a girl that the narrator referred to as she. The story is being told by the narrator as the girl sees things. The story starts out with she standing by a river one which she is familiar with, still looks a little different. She sees the stepping stones in the river which she has crossed on many occasions. She remembers every stone. “There is the round unsteady stone, the pointed one, the flat one in the middle- the safe stone where you could stand and look around. The next one was not so safe for when the river was full the water flowed over it and even when it showed dry it was slippery” (Rhys, J. 1996, pg 1,). When the narrator is describing the stones this is symbolism, the stones are an important part of the story. She describes the road as being wider than before, but notice that it looks old not a newly paved road. There were fallen trees that had not been cleared and the brush was overgrown and trampled. This tells us the reader that it is a symbolism of time. She remembered walking that road many of times before, it just look different to her now. “The only thing was that the sky has a glassy look that she did not...
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