The Swinging Bridge

Topics: Discrimination, Gender, Racism Pages: 4 (1511 words) Published: June 11, 2011
The Swinging Bridge

Discrimination can be found in many different forms and it can happen to anyone. Some people are discriminated against their race, gender or age. Some people are discriminated by religion , culture, belief or how wealthy they are. Some people are even discriminated by their physical ablities or sexuality. Discrimination is a very ghastly thing and it is a major issue faced by the many of the characters in the novel The Swinging Bridge. The characters Mona Singh , Kello Singh and Muddie had encountered gender and race discrimination throughout the book. Discrimination can be very hurtful and can effect many people physically , mentally and emotionally.

Many characters in this novel faced many forms of discriminations in forms of gender and race. Especially the main character, Mona Singh who tells the story The Swinging Bridge.

“I began to notice that the shopkeeper’s glances kept straying back to me again and again as he pottered around. I felt a bit uncomfortable at first, but than I decided to ignore the idiot. When I turned around suddenly to ask Da-Da something,…he rosed abruptly from his bar stool, ducked outside, and mentioned me to follow..move, quick sharp! “Get in de car and stay there, you little bitch. Flaunting yuhself up and down looking for a man. All yuh lil girl so damn ting with all yuh-self. Stay dey and keep yuh lil tail quiet , yuh hear?” (Espinet 174)

Mona was discriminated against what gender she is. Her father assumed that she was the one trying to impress the Shop keeper when he knows his daughter is not that kind of person. He thought that since she was a girl all she would want to do with her life is try to impress men, which was not true. Mona was a very hardworking girl who tried her best in everything she did. Mona is a very smart but men in Trinidad tried to trick young girls who they thought could be fooled. “I heard a mans voice behind me . He was an ordinary working...
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