The Swing by Jean Fragonard

Topics: Rococo, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Shape Pages: 3 (1132 words) Published: June 30, 2012
Art Appreciation
The Happy Accident of the Swing
Fragonard’s The Swing is a celebration of romance, frivolity that’s filled with marked by elaborate decorativeness, light colors, and organic forms, which were just a few of the characteristics that were representative of the Rococo movement in 18th century Paris, France. Jean Honoroe-Fragonard's was a French born painter who throughout his life studied his craft in Paris and Italy under more well-known artists of the period, but eventually came to be one of the pioneers of what French Rococo was ideally about. Fragonard’s The Swing also known as The Happy Accidents of the Swing is considered as one of the masterpieces of the rococo era, and is considered Fragonard's best known work. The creation of this beautiful masterpiece was originally commissioned in Paris by a wealthy baron in homage to his mistress. The medium of this art piece was oil on canvas and stands at a height of 31 ⅞ " × 25 ¼". In the end Fragonard’s is someone whose name would become synonymous with the French Rococo. I really enjoyed this painting because of the beautiful colors of the clothing and scenery. It just gives an idea of whimsy and playfulness a reoccurring theme during this movement. Within this painting I find that there were diagonal lines that direct the viewer’s eyes to the three main characters in the painting. The diagonal lines can be seen within this painting which are the swing’s support ropes, they seem to form a triangle shape that to point out the hidden young man reaching out for the swinging girl. It’s clear to say that Fragonard wanted the viewers to understand that this individual was important to the main theme of the painting and he made a great choice in doing so because these two lines or ropes help reinforce the desired effect. The next two lines are attached to the support ropes of the swing and are being held by another subject that plays an important role of the main theme. These two...
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