The Swatch Group

Topics: Brand, Strategic management, Marketing Pages: 5 (1850 words) Published: August 16, 2007
1. INTERNAL ANALYSIS 1.1 Mission, Vision, Goals and Performance Mission and Vision: The explicit mission statement has not been announced, Swatch's mission is likely to be "to offer low cost, high quality, and accurate watch with synthetic material", targeting to young people who are most likely to buy low-priced watches. According to the low cost objective, the operation has been separately managed in global manner in Switzerland, Brazil, China, and India where the labor cost is low enough to compete with Japan and Hong Kong. Moreover, in order to keep reaching the efficiency and effectiveness, the fully automated assembly line is implemented without the human intervention. In addition, to keep Swatch competing with low cost manufacturers, the capital-investment is applied as a result of decreasing in costs. The lean and flat hierarchies help enhancing the innovativeness and creativity throughout the company. The hybrids of centralization and decentralization management allow Swatch to yield the benefit from the local knowledge while maintaining the control over the distribution and management. Goals: The quantifiable objective has not been stated explicitly, it is obvious that Swatch's general objective is "to become the creative and innovative leading brand in global market and establish strong brand image in the mind of consumers". This objective is obvious since the flat hierarchy management style of the company follows this objective in order to enhance the creativity and innovativeness. Furthermore, the company's culture, the controlled chaos support the creative and innovative thoughts since under this culture, the company believes that the circumstance keeps changing as a result of ever adapting to the environment. Performance: According to mission statement of "to offer low cost, high quality, and accurate watch with synthetic material", Swatch fails to achieve since the low cost manufacturers BI4242 Global Strategic Management The Swatch Group

such as Japan and Hong Kong are able to construct even lower cost of production than Swatch. Moreover, Swatch fails to take into account for different values in each different country. Furthermore, the country-of-origin has put a great effect on Swatch's sales that Swatch is unable to cope with. However, Swatch is able to survive in the intense competition since Swatch is able to adapt to ever changing circumstance as it obviously notice from the continue increasing in sales, unlike other Swiss Companies which are unable to adapt to the changing market conditions and are reluctant to emphasize on the innovative and competitive products (Anonymous, 1974 – 1983, p. 5). 1.2 Current Corporate Strategies Vertical growth strategies: Swatch applies the vertical growth strategies through both backward integration and forward integration. It is obviously seen that the backward integration is implemented through the acquiring the shares of the watch manufacturing company, which were merged during the crisis. Moreover, the global production is implemented by establishing the facilities in low-cost countries such as Brazil, China, and India to yield the low cost of labor as a result of decreasing the cost of production while maintaining the control over the production as well as keeping the operation within the standard to reach the high quality concept. The forward integration is applied since Swatch is initially sold through special stores and department stores. Eventually; Swatch decided to move into regular watch stores in 1980s. Finally, Swatch decides to allow the individual investors and entrepreneurs who serve as distribution channel to open Swatch stores to sell anything that carries Swatch brand name. Horizontal growth strategies: Hayek planned to test the market of new watch in United States as a result of the establishment of joint venture with a Texan businessman. BI4242 Global Strategic Management The Swatch Group

Diversification strategies: Swatch has developed the...
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