The Survey of Adult Education

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Cambridge 1 test 1
The charts below show the results of a survey of adult education. The first chart shows the reasons why adults decide to study. The pie chart shows how people think the cost of adult education should be shared. Write a report for a university lecturer, describing the information shown below.

How the cost of each course should be shared

I am going to describe two graphs. The bar graph shows the reasons why adults choose to study and the pie charts show how the adults think the cost of each course should be shared. From the bar graph it is clear that the main reasons why adults opted for higher study were because of interest in subject and to gain qualifications. Nearly 40% gave this reason in the survey. Approximately 20% studied further because it was helpful for their present job and to improve their prospects of promotion. The same percentage also studied because they enjoyed studying. Around 12 % chose to study to be able to change jobs and the least 9% studied just to meet new people.

From the pie chart we can infer that the individuals themselves wanted to spend only 40% of their fees for higher education. They wanted the employer to spend 35% and the taxpayer to spend 25% of their course fees.

This ends my report.

0 10 20 30 40
To meet people
To able to change jobs
Enjoy learning / studying
To improve prospects of promotion
Helpful for current job
To gain qualifications
Interest in subject
35% 2

Cambridge 1 test 2
The diagram shows how the Australian Bureau of Meteorology collects up-to-the-minute information on the weather in order to produce reliable forecasts. Write a report for a university lecturer, describing the information shown below.

The given picture graph illustrates the process of latest information on the weather so as to produce dependable forecasts. It is clear from the graph that mainly four steps are involved in the process.

The first stage in the process is the collection of the incoming information. This can be done through the satellite, radar and the drifting buoy. The data is collected on the satellite photo, radar screen and the synoptic chart. All this is then analysed for forecasting and fed into the computer. Finally it is broadcast on radio, telecast on TV and communicated as a recorded announcement through the phone.

So, it can be seen that to produce authentic forecasts the data is collected through various sources, analysed and finally broadcast so that we can know beforehand what sort of weather we have to face in the coming time. 3

Cambridge 1 test 3
The chart below shows the amount of money per week spent on fast foods in Britain. The graph shows the trends in consumption of fast foods. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information below.

Expenditure on fast foods by income groups

Consumption of fast foods 1970-1990

Two graphs are given. The column graph depicts the expenditure on fast foods by different income groups in Britain and the line graph shows the trends in consumption of fast foods from 1970 to 1990. The chart shows that high income earners consumed considerably more fast foods than the other income groups. They spent more than twice as much on hamburgers (43 pence per person per week) as on fish and chips or pizza (both under 20 pence). Average income earners spent 33 pence per person per week on hamburgers, which was the maximum they spent on any given fast food. This was followed by fish and chips at 24 pence, then pizza at 11 pence per person per week. Low income earners spent less than other income groups on fast foods, though fish and chips remains their most popular fast food, followed by hamburgers and then pizza.

From the line graph we...
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