The Suppression of Important News

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The Suppression of Important News
Edward Alsworth Ross was born on December 12, 1866, in Virden Illinois. Edward lost his parents, a farmer, and a schoolteacher, when he was about 9 years old. He became an orphan raised by three different Iowa families. “Ross received his Ph.D. in political economy in 1891 with minors in philosophy and ethics. In 1892 he married Rosamond Simons, the niece of sociologist (and first president of the American Sociological Society) Lester Frank Ward” (Edward A. Ross). In 1893, Ross became “an appointed full professor at Leland Stanford University, where he remained until his celebrated dismissal” (Encyclopedia of World Biography on Edward Alsworth Ross). He then became a professor at university of Nebraska for 5 years and finally spent the rest of his career at the University of Wisconsin, “first as professor of sociology and then as department chairman. He retired in 1937 and died in Madison” in 1951 (Encyclopedia of World Biography on Edward Alsworth Ross). Ross “achieved national fame as a writer and popular lecturer. He authored 27 books and over 300 articles. His work can best be understood as the creative response of a reform-minded sociologist to the problems produced by the rapid industrialization and urbanization of the nation. As a popularizer of the notion that the purpose of sociology is the reform of society, Ross had no peer among American sociologists in his lifetime. An erudite scholar, inspiring lecturer, courageous reformer, and uncompromising champion of freedom for the individual, he fulfilled the role he established for himself admirably” (Encyclopedia of World Biography on Edward Alsworth Ross)....
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