The Sun and the Moon

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  • Published : April 5, 2012
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How the moon and sun affect us

There are many myths out there on the moon and sun about their power to control our health, behavior, and personality. Most people do not know how the moon and the sun can affect us. In this essay I will explain why and how the sun and moon affect us. The moon and the sun can have a positive and negative role on our health, behavior, and personality. The sun and the moon have a positive and negative role on our health. The positive role the sun is that it can help our pineal gland, in the blood, the internal organs like the liver and heart, give us vitamin D, and treatment for illness. Evidence is accumulating that strongly suggests that light is an important environmental factor, along with food, water, and air, in regulating our bodies’ physiological functions. Sunlight has at least one positive effect on the human skin which is vitamin D. Vitamin D is produced in the skin that is exposed to UVR. The negative role is that the sun can give us cancer, damage the skin, damage the eyes, give us wrinkles, and actinic keratosis. Sunburning is the most dangerous of the entire negative role of the sun. Sunburns can cause skin cancer and damage to the skin. The moon positive role on our health is folk medicines. Most people do not believe in folk medicines, but speaking from experience there is several that have work that I have try myself. Thresia Paulose said that there are strong evidences that a lunar eclipse have some effect on the hormones, especially a woman’s monthly cycle and fertility. The negative role the moon as is it can affect the physiological process. When the moon is in an eclipse it may cause heart related diseased, breathing trouble, coughs, colds, insomnia, stress, impatience, insecurity, indecisiveness, fear, and mood swings. Exposing yourself to an open lunar eclipse may even lead to mental imbalance and lycanthropy. Now, this leads us to how the moon and sun affects your behaviors. The sun and the moon both...
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