The Sun Also Rises

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Amanda Marcacci
Mrs. Brady
AP Literature

The Sun Also Rises Opening

In Ernest Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises", Hemingway uses first person point of view through Jake to show different aspects, relationships, and thoughts he has regarding characters throughout the story. One of the most prominent themes throughout the novel is how it was drastically shaped through World War I and how many of the characters' personalities, thoughts, and interactions were ultimately shaped through the usage of the war. Like Hemingway himself, characters such as Jake, Brett, and Cohn's lives revolved around this uneventful frenzy of alcohol, parties, lies, and drama. While the war is sometimes not directly stated to be the cause of the main character's apathetic and wayward attitudes, it can be concluded that the war is a direct prominent reason for their behavior and mental states. Written with a goal somewhat similar to Fitzgerald's "Great Gatsby", an essential and critical point readers need to consider is that alcohol, parties, and living a life of luxury does not make Jake happy - doing these things makes him tolerate and distract him from the life he lives. By using characters that are direct consequences of World War I and therefore victims of the Lost Generation, Hemingway uses first person narration through Jake to imply how careless and inwardly melancholy people were as a result of the war.


"He cared nothing for boxing, in fact he disliked it, but he learned it painfully and thoroughly to counteract the feeling of inferiority and shyness he had felt on being treated as a Jew at Princeton." Something worth noting about this quote is that Hemingway writes how Cohn boxed and did things he wasn't particularly a fan of just because he had nothing better to do. While an inferiority complex can definitely held lead a man to being aggravated, much of Cohn's life is lead by doing things he disliked - something I feel as if many individuals did during the...
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