The Summary of the Best War Ever: America and World War Ii

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Undoubtedly, humanity and modern civilization would have never reached their current form with the research. Research is the key element behind any type of evolution and progress. Contemporary, broadly established theories, varying from the understanding of the universe to the revelation of human evolution, are the result of valuable innovations in different fields of science and technology. Every day life has been simplified due to the constant advance of knowledge and discoveries. However, none of this would be possible without constant research. Therefore, and since research is vital to the development of human civilization, the need to augment and supplement current research methods has become apparent. Even though research outcomes may seem promising, the impact of human factor on any conducted studies seems to enhance Griffiths’ opinion that “there is no hope of doing perfect research” (97). The present essay aims to provide the necessary and supporting evidence that this statement truly stands.

Before presenting any supporting arguments, one should try to understand the meaning of both terms: research and perfect. According to Oxford Advance Learners’ Dictionary, research is “a careful study of a subject, especially to discover new facts or information about it” (“research”). This definition underlines the experimental nature of research to discover and interpret new facts regarding a certain aspect, but at the same time indirectly suggests the completion, revision, correction or even the replacement of any former studies. Since, the very own definition of research contains the meaning of revision and alteration of preceding recognized theories, no study findings can be considered absolute and hence perfect. Otherwise, the Dark Ages’ indisputable concept of the earth’s shape being flat would have never been challenged by Galileo Galilei.

Many are the methods researchers use to deliver their new findings. The first distinction is between qualitative...
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