The Summary of Communication in Organizations

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Information Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: May 1, 2013
The summery of the nature of communication in organizations
Communication has meaningful impact on organizational system. It is central to organization success. There are eight corrected misconceptions about communication: 1. Meaning is not in words, but based in background of people; 2. Nonverbal process is more important than verbal process; 3. Telling is a small part of communication; 4. Ineffective communication creates problem; 5. Communication is a tool; 6. The quality of communication is more important than the quantity of it; 7. Break down is a part of nonverbal communication; 8. Communication is a learned ability. Organizational communication is defined as a process to simulate meaning by verbal and nonverbal messages. There are four components of its process: source, message, channel, and receiver. Among the process, feedback is the receivers’ responses to message; Goals are to develop interpersonal relationships, to gain compliance, and to gain understanding; contexts are the characteristics of communicating situations. The functions of communication are informative, regulative, integrative, management, persuasive, and socialization. The socialization is the most important function. There are two communication networks: formal and informal. Informal networks don’t follow hierarchical path, but formal do. In formal networks, communication flows can be vertical (at different level) and horizontal (at same level). In vertical flows, downward communication flows upper management to lower level including five elements: job instruction, rationale, ideology, information, and feedback. On contrast, upward should be positive, timely, support current policy, be sent directly to right person, and have intuitive appeal. In reality, horizontal communication is much more than vertical communication.
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