The Success Story of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

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  • Published : November 14, 2011
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Professor GNDR 345-01
10 November 2011

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: A short journey through her many life accomplishments In my opinion Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a very strong woman and she should be looked up to by many women and children and men should also look up to her strength. While doing some research on Sirleaf I found out some very surprising information about her. I would have never known that Sirleaf was able to become president of Liberia being technically multiracial and because of that many people would call her Americo-Liberian even though she does not identify herself in that way. When she was just 17 in 1956 she married James Sirleaf who is now deceased and they had four children together. Before she was married she studied at the college of West Africa and received an education. In 1961 when her husband moved to the US she furthered her studies and earned an accounting degree and a degree in economics from two different US Universities. She also went to study further economics and public policy at Harvard where she earned herself a Masters in Public administration. After she made all of these accomplishments in her life she decided she was going to return to her native country of Liberia where she decided to work under the Talbert's administration as assistant Minister of finance from 1972 to 1973 until she had a disagreement about the spending. She was also the Minister of finance from 1979 to April 1983 and the new power came in she took a post as president of the Liberian Bank for development and investment. She fled the country for the first time for Washington DC after she publicly criticized the Doe Regime and the People's Redemption Council about their poor management of the country since they were in charge. In 1981 she then moved to the Nairobi and served as vice president of the African Regional Office of Citibank, and she gave this up in 1985, resigning from Citibank she went to work for Equator Bank. Over the next 20 years Sirleaf help...
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