The Success Story of Concepcion Blaylock

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  • Published : August 18, 2012
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The Success Story of Concepcion Blaylock
“Kung may tiyaga may nilaga”, that would be the best trait that I have learned with the life story of Concepcion Baylock. Her life story is very inspiring, she started from a scratch and now she was a giant Tiger in the name of business industry. Her modern Cinderella story didn’t go that smoothly at first, like Cinderella there are people who tried to hinder her success. At first it was not that easy for her, but she proved everyone that no one could stop her achieving her dreams. Now you can see how successful Concepcion Baylock is. At the age of 12 the young Concepcion was already away from her family and lived with her relatives in order to have a good education. Living with her relatives is not that easy, she had to do the household chores for them to let her stay, and she goes to school at the same time. At a very young age Concepcion showed her diligence in everything she does. When the time her grandparents took her, Concepcion’s life changed because they treat her nicely and they were good to her. However she still tried to help doing the chores because she wanted to thank them, in that simple way she showed her grandparents how thankful she is. As a teenager Concepcion supposed to be hanging out with her friends going to movies, parties, and outings. However she missed this, she would rather save her money that was given by her grandparents. She doesn’t even buy new things. When she was still in her senior years in high school she already worked by teaching grade school student. Later on she worked as a telephone operator in the United States Naval force in Subic. While she was working she married an irresponsible man, he just let Concepcion doing all the work. Good thing Concepcion successfully gets out of this marriage. She had a child with this unsuccessful marriage. Years later, Concepcion married again with an American who she had a four children. He is the one who helped her to put...
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