The Success of African American Men in America

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  • Published : February 20, 2009
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Psychology 2200

Research Paper

“Can African American Males Be Successful in America?

Submitted: November 14, 2006

Mr. Titus, Instructor

Gary C. Sanders, Student

Can African American Males Be Successful In America?

Success is defined along many terms and factors in our world today. Who determines success and what are the guidelines to which a person must measure? Oftentimes, a person, once he has attained a particular status in life, finds the bar raised by society. Therefore, we are ever striving to attain the level of life that society has dictated for all of us. Success as defined by Webster simply means a person or thing that prospers. Success to the African American male is paraphrased as a ‘person who must strive greater to overachieve the standards that are set by society’. I believe an African American male can be successful given the proper nurturing methods in life such as supportive parents, proper educational training and positive motivation to continue to excel in life.

One important need of every African American male is the need to feel that he is accepted as a MAN. The American society of our forefathers in years past have degraded the African American male to no more than a slave who was not allowed to think or function on his own. Although these years are far removed from us, the African American male is yet imprisoned mentally to believe that our society will not give him a fair chance to succeed. Knowing this, parents must provide a stable and loving environment for our children to grow. Many homes are at the disadvantage already because either women are rearing children alone or the men are rearing children alone. Studies and research show that children who are the product of homes with both a mother and a father have greater confidence and attain better jobs, and are smarter children in school. African American parents sometimes do not display a level of love for their children, especially boys that...
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