The Subcategories of Individualism and Collectivism

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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The Subcategories of Individualism and Collectivism
In the cold war, the Western countries and the Eastern took sides on communism and capitalism. It has not changed much since the war ended, though. In “Harmony and the Dream,” Brooks divided the world into two parts: individualism and collectivism. Even though this kind of categorizing is simple for readers to understand, the drawback is also very obvious. There are many countries that can’t merely be considered as individualistic or collectivistic because of their complex society. Thus, adding subcategories under or between the two categories can better the understanding of world’s different countries. Since the mainstream of current society is individualism, subcategorizing collectivism is rather difficult; hence the subcategories below are all under individualism.

The first subcategory under individualism is pre-individualism. Pre-individualism can be defined as the status before becoming a fully individualistic country. India can be a representative of pre-individualism. Once was the colony of the Great Britain, India now keeps English as their second official language and the upper class live in the way of Western society. Even though India is trying to develop as a capitalistic country and part of it already appears to be one, the majority of India is still covered in its Eastern atmosphere and could be simply distinguished from North American and European countries. Singapore is more developed, modern and Western than India, but it still should be classified as a pre-individualistic country.

Another subcategory is semi-individualism and Japan is a great example for a semi-individualistic country. Japan is geographically and traditionally closer to China. Its culture is very similar to that of China, which appreciates self-effacement and emphasizes the importance of groups. Nevertheless, after the Meiji Restoration, Japan started its journey to develop as a more capitalistic country. During the...
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