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A Concise Guide for High School and University PrepPRIVATE 1. HEADER, TITLE AND INTRODUCTION -put your last name plus the page number in the top right corner of every page of the essay (this is the header) -on the line below the header, put (1) your full name, (2) your teachers name, (3) the course name and number and (4) the date in list form down the left side of the page, then put the title of the essay centred and underlined on the line below (remember to double-space everything) Anybody 1 Pat Anybody Ms. L. Wiles ENG 7Jc 16 March 2001 The Journey in Experience in Ross Ones a Heifer - the essay starts with a first few sentences which are a general, interesting lead-in to the topic As a writer of short stories, Sinclair Ross has a reputation for accurately depicting a particular time and placeSaskatchewan during the years of the Great Depression. But the best of Ross stories are something more than mere slices of history or patches of local colour. While maintaining their strong sense of time and place, Ross stories present the reader with universal truths about human experience. Ones a Heifer, for example, is more than just a story about the incredible poverty that Saskatchewan farming people had to endure throughout the 1930s. - last sentence in introductory paragraph is the THESIS statement, which is the main point/idea of the essay plus three illustrations. For example, in this essay, the thesis is The metaphorical passage from innocence to some degree of experience in the story is conveyed by means of an extraordinary journey that the boy takes across a bleak and frozen stretch of Saskatchewan prairie, through a kind of hell, from which he emerges having taken his first hesitant steps into the adult world. - this thesis implies THREE ways in which the story reflects the motif of the journey (which become THREE TOPICS for each of the THREE BODY PARAGRAPHS) (1) the extraordinary nature of the trip across a bleak and frozen stretch...
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