The Study on the Teaching Quality and Teachers' Role Under New English Curriculum Standards

Topics: Education, High school, Middle school Pages: 7 (2021 words) Published: April 20, 2012
Abstract:With the increasing globalization and internationalization, English is playing a more and more important role in the world, especially in China. Also, English education is being more and more emphasized by educators and the whole society. How to improve the quality of English education has already been the focus of many countries in which English is regarded as a second or foreign language. One effective way to improve the quality of English education is to improve the qualities of English teachers, that is, the progress of teacher development. Key words: senior high school, quality, role

1 Introduction

1. Research background
With the increasing globalization and internationalization of countries in the world, English is more and more widely used and its role in the society is increasingly important. In addition, in many countries where English is regarded as a second or foreign language, English has already become a necessary demand for many jobs. Those who can read English books, write English articles and communicate with others in English may be easier to be employed. Such tendency requires people, especially the young, to improve their English language ability. Therefore, English education, which is a crucial way to help people learn English better, is becoming much more important. Over the past several decades, expertise and educators are finding methods to improve the quality of English education. The training of teachers’ professional skills is one of those effective methods which can better English education. Since China’s reform and opening, the scale of its English education has continually grown, attended by significant achievements in teaching and learning. However, English education in its current form is failing to meet the needs of contemporary social and economic development.

The current round of reforms to the English curriculum aim to end the following practices: • Over-emphasizing the transmission and explanation of knowledge about grammar and vocabulary • Neglecting to develop students’ ability to use language for real

In their place, the reforms aim to establish a curriculum that: • Develops students’ comprehensive language competence • Motivates students, is relevant to their life experiences and cognitive level • Promotes task-based teaching methods

• Involves students in experiential, practical, participatory and cooperative learning • Develops students’ positive attitudes, thinking skills, practical abilities, cultural awareness and autonomy through the language learning process

2. Research purposes
Since teacher development is more and more crucial in the field of education, this study is of great use. For one thing, with the basis of previous studies and researches, this research, which analyzes the teacher’s quality and role needed under New English Curriculum Standard For Senior Middle School, can provide more useful information and resources for the progress of theoretical study. For another, it also has practical meanings because such research may provide useful modules to develop teachers in China, including training for pre-service teachers and in-service teachers, such as teacher preparation programs and training courses. These may be useful for the practical progress of the training of teachers in China or even in other countries 2. Professional quality of teacher under New English Curriculum Standard For Senior Middle School

A qualified English teacher in senior middle school not only have to possess the basic quality of regular senior middle school, which is individuality, teaching capability, dedication, education theory and teaching research ability, but also have to have special attainment of English teacher of senior middle school. Taken together, it generally includes several points below:

2.1 A deep love for English teaching of senior high school. English teaching of senior middle school...
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