The Study on Karnaphuli Fertilizer Company Limited

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  • Published : June 11, 2012
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A. Introduction:

• Description of the organization:

Karnaphuli Fertilizer Company Limited (KAFCO) is a 100% export oriented international joint venture company. KAFCO is now one of Bangladesh’s most successful companies. KAFCO supplies one-sixth of the crucial Urea fertilizer needs for the whole of Bangladesh, and brings in tens of millions of dollars of export earnings each year to the country.

i. Its business ;

KAFCO produced very high quality Urea fertilizer and Ammonia, organic all for the global market, now helping also to support Bangladesh.

KAFCO is one of the largest industrial joint venture company in Bangladesh, with capital investment of over US $ 600 million. Its group of shareholders are usually varied, including both Government and private sectors, from Bangladesh, Japan, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

ii. Its product or services;

The KAFCO manufacturing complex is located in south-eastern Bangladesh, on the Karnafuli River near the port city of Chittagong.

The raw material for KAFCO’s production is Natural Gas from Bangladesh‘s own gas fields, mainly the Sangu field in the Bay of Bengal.KAFCO is the largely self supporting with its oww facilities for electricity generation and water, its own jetties, high quality housing complex, school and college, mosque and medical facilities.

KAFCO produces and markets two products: granular Urea and anhydrous Ammonia. The annual availability of granular urea is 0.68 million MT and ammonia is 0.15 million MT.

KAFCO’s production process:

|[pic] | | |  | | |[pic] | | | | | | Granular urea collection for testing during loading | | |  | | | Urea sample | | | | | |[pic] | | |  | | |[pic] | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |...
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