The Study of Values by Frank Lynch

Topics: Sociology, Morality, Value Pages: 3 (846 words) Published: January 10, 2013
The Study of Values by Frank Lynch

The Filipino today, in his attempt to modernize and develop, faced with a two-fold endeavor: to strengthen his national identity and to cope with never-ending changes. Experience has taught us institution, systems, and values copied from Western models do not operate effectively in the Philippines as they do in their original setting. The Filipino himself is at loss because of the impact of several values, something conflicting ones, on his best in him to enable him to take his place with pride in the world of nations. In a course which studies man’s relation with the society, it is important to see how education influences man particularly as regards the moral or spiritual side of his personality. In this regard, it is also useful to redefine the concept of moral values and determine the methods that can be effectively used in fostering sound moral orientation to the social man within the Philippines setting.

Values are the qualities of desirability or undesirability believed to inhere in an idea, object or action. Lynch defined customs as the values, beliefs, behavior and material objects that constitute a people’s way of life. Values are defined culturally as standards by which people assess desirability, goodness and beauty. Some are good for social living. Values are statements about what ought to be. Values also express the goals or purpose of social action. The concept of shared values refers to a consensus of moral, principle and standards of behavior. They are society’s moral imperatives that deal with what ought to be and are therefore considered desirable and important by the members of society. In contrast to social norms, values are general in nature. Values influence a person’s behavior towards a large class of objects or persons although they are not related to that specific object, person or group. They are standards for determining whether something is good and desirable or not and serves as the criteria...
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