The Study of Hostage Drama in Quirino Grandstand

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The aim of the dissertation is to research the diplomatic negotiating style of the Filipino law enforcement by analyzing the events in its diplomatic history, namely the bilateral negotiations with the Philippines during august 23, 2010.

 For the past few days since the embarrassing hostage crisis that has brought international shame again to our country, it has been reflecting on how we as a Filipino people can collectively move forward from this incident. In cyberspace, many people continue to express anger, rage, disappointment, frustration and sadness about how our government particularly the Philippine National Police (PNP) handled the situation. Yes, that’s true that there was indeed a lack of strong willed leadership from the government in handling and managing the situation but the reality is, the damage has been done and to learn from this experience, unite and do the own share to help the nation to move forward. First assess what truly happened in the hostage crisis since it needs to learn from the hard mistakes of the past to move forward to a better future.

Firstly, let ask what probably drove former police officer Rolando Mendoza to be desperate enough to take a whole bus full of tourist’s hostage and eventually kill many of them. My simple analysis is the fact that perhaps Mendoza no longer trusted and believed in the judicial institutions can provide him with a fair and equal judgment. What happened to Mendoza is an effect of the corruption of our democratic institutions that are tasked to protect the rights of every Filipino. Yet, because institutions such as our courts, the Office of the Ombudsman and the COMELEC are now tarnished with so much graft and corruption, people such as Mendoza no longer have a venue to air our their grievances thus, they often resort to extra-judicial means in order for them to get the justice that they think they deserve. When people become desperate and they feel that they have been a victim of injustices committed by the very institutions that were supposed to protect their rights, their morals are weakened thus, it makes it easier for them to violate the law.  What he did was truly wrong but unless was able to restore trust and credibility into our democratic institutions especially the Ombudsman who is known to protect the interests of the past administration, there will be more Filipinos who may be like Mendoza who will take matters into his own hands.

Moreover, the lack of proper training and equipment was one of the major reasons why the PNP failed to address the situation properly. Many of the lawmakers especially the allies of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo such as Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri and Rep. Edcel Lagman have called for the resignation of some Cabinet members of the barely 2-month old Aquino administration. Yet, does full accountability really fall under President Noynoy Aquino and DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo? Yes and no. Yes, because they are currently the ones who are in power and perhaps many of would’ve wanted them to have been in full control of the situation. No, because even if they were in control of the situation, given the lack of training and proper equipment of the police force, the hostage crisis would’ve still most likely ended the way it did. Now, it begs the question, why the police force inept and why do they lack proper equipment to deal with crisis situations such as these? The PNP will always answer that it is a problem of a lack of funds. So does that mean that we can’t do anything about it? No. Studies by various international institutions have always said that the Philippines have lost more than 1 Trillion Pesos due to corruption at different levels of our government in the past 5 years. Imagine if just 1% of 1 Trillion pesos was used to upgrade the training and equipment of our PNP then would’ve responded...
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