The Study of History Is Important Only Because It Helps Pupils to Become Better Citizens. How Far Do You Agree with the Statement?

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  • Published : September 26, 2008
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The Study of history is important only because it helps pupils to become better citizens. How far do you agree with the statement?

The Study of history goes beyond just making us becoming better citizens.

The study of history inculcates in us the sense of loyalty, perseverance, tolerance which is essential values of becoming better citizens. For example through the learning of the heroic acts and selfless sacrifice of our War hero, Mr. Lim Bo Seng. Despite being tortured by the Japanese, he tolerated and perseveres, refusing to leak out secrets. Therefore by learning from him, it teaches us the values of perseverance, tolerance and a sense of patriotism to our country.

The study of history also teaches us the importance of racial harmony. An example is the racial riots between the Chinese and Malays in the 1960s. It make us appreciates the need to be tolerant of the different races in our multi society. The study of history will therefore help us to become better citizens and will encourage us to make a conscious effort to live harmoniously with different races.

The study of history provides us with the knowledge of what had happened in the past. This will enable us to better understand the issues and problems that presently confront the world and our country. For example by learning more about the history of the past wars between the Christians and the Muslims, we may be able to better appreciate why the sufferings and destruction that had happened in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq. This will then help us to better understand the complexities of the world that we live in.

The learning of history requires studying a large amount of historical events and then be able to learn and judge the rights and wrongs of these events. Through this learning process, we will be able to become more organise, improve on our basic writing skills and makes us more analytical. The study of history has helped to create good business people, professionals...
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