The Student Life Vices

Topics: Grammar, English language, Linguistics Pages: 9 (2858 words) Published: May 8, 2013
The Problem and its Scope
Education plays a vital role for country’s socio-economic development of people especially developing countries like the Philippines. It is also the key to success. However, with the invasion of technology and industrialization in the world today, innumerable changes have been observed and experienced by the constituents. Due to the impact of technology into the educational system, students in particular are also affected and this poses a great challenge for the instructors who are handling English subjects especially nowadays, students are fond of listening to music, playing games in the internet, viewing videos on their laptops or other gadgets or using their internet connected cell phones. These activities may have helped slow down the capacity of the students to absorb the lessons in their subjects especially in English grammar .They are not interested in enhancing their capacities due to their dependency on their gadgets which would result to poor reading comprehension.

In tertiary education, it is a requirement for incoming students to take entrance examination to determine what course they may qualify to enroll. Each course demands a cut-off for one to be admitted into that particular department. The main subjects in the entrance qualifying examinations are English and Mathematics. If one does not reach the cut-off mark, he would be advised to take a course suited his ability. Under-achievement in English grammar and reading comprehension is recognizable. In Nigeria, under-achievement in English at the secondary and even tertiary levels is a noticeable phenomenon in Nigerian educational system. The most noticeable indication of poor performance is in the WAEC conducted SSCE English Examination. The situation becomes worse every year. In the Philippines, Public high schools in Santa Maria, Bulacan did not perform well in the 2010-2011 National Achievement Test (NAT) for second year. Most of them are placed in the bottom half of the rankings. In Davao City, Holy Cross of Davao College, low academic performance in English grammar and reading comprehension is clearly manifested when incoming College freshmen and transferees are required to take the entrance examination. This examination is intended to determine whether the incoming College freshmen and transferees are qualified to enroll the courses they plan to take or not. If not qualified, they would be advised to take another course as shown in their result. Mostly, those who enrolled SRC did not reach the cut off score to qualify them to take Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation due to poor test result in English grammar, reading comprehension and mathematics. Since English is the primary medium of communication onboard ship, SRC students must be capable of dealing with crews of different nationalities and speaking English can avoid misunderstanding with other crews. Rationale of the Study

This study deals with the academic performances of the SRC students in English grammar and reading comprehension. In the community of international shipping, with seafarers from various countries sailing on ships trading to all parts of the world, effective communication between those on board, between ship and shore is critically significant. The International Maritime Organization adopted English as an official language in attempt to address the problem of failure of communication of people through different languages. A number of countries and individuals thereafter devoted themselves to Maritime English teaching and learning, especially in non-English speaking countries. However, still often occur even among seafarers who have adequate knowledge of this official language, and that has gradually been identified to be due in main part to culture matters. Cultural barriers also commonly exist between Chinese seafarers and those from other nationals, giving rise to problems or embarrassment to...
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