The struggles of a Police Officer

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CRIM 129 CH1
Job Related Struggles of a Police Officer

John MacDonald

Professor Alex Peters
November 19, 2013

The job of a police officer is much more demanding than what is commonly displayed DELETE on television. It is often PORTRAYED/DEPICTED as fighting crime, but in reality it is A MULTI-FACETED PROFESSION. As a police officer, the safety of the general public is a key responsibility. THEREFORE, POLICE face danger ON A DAILY BASIS, yet they must handle all situations WITH PROFESSIONAL COMPOSURE REGARDLESS OF THEIR heartbreaking, aggravating or amusing QUALITIES. FURTHERMORE, the situations police officers DELETE encounter can be quite disturbing for their mental and physical wellbeing. Their shift work can be exhausting and they are constantly negatively critiqued BY SOCIETY. Likewise, the struggles related to the duties of a police officer can be physically and emotionally taxing. (I feel like this paragraph needs a conclusion/summary sentence, usually “likewise” is used in body paragraphs) There are many requirements an individual must meet to become a police officer. First off, being physically fit is a key component OF the job. This is important because at some points throughout one’s career in law enforcement, there will be situations where an individual’s physical state will be tested by criminals. Often, if a police officer does not appear to be DELETE fit, a criminal will TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEIR PHYSICAL WEAKNESS. In addition, IT IS BENEFICIAL FOR A POLICE OFFICER TO HAVE VOLUNTEER experience DELETE dealing WITH CITIZENS WHO ARE challenging DELETE and DELETE mentally ill DELETE. THIS DEMONSTRATES THEIR WILLINGNESS TO SACRIFICE personal time IN AN EFFORT TO help others DELETE. Volunteering can range from helping the homeless, to raising money FOR CHARITIES or collecting items for families IN NEED. Furthermore, other DELETE mandatory REQUIREMENTS include: BILANGUAL ABILITIES, DELETE Canadian CitizenSHIP, and DELETE willingNESS to relocate. This is more common if an individual is working for the RCMP, but HOLDS LESS IMPORTANCE IN THE MUNICIPAL POLICE FORCE. Moreover, education is also a SIGNIFICANT factor in becoming a police officer. NOT ONLY IS A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA required, BUT having a University degree is also very important AS IT DISPLAYS FURTHER EDUCATIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT DELETE, although it is not mandatory. When pursuing a job in law enforcement, IT IS NECESSARY TO UNDERSTAND AND MEET ALL THE ABOVE REQUIREMENTS AS WELL AS HAVE SIGNIFICANT LIFE EXPERIENCE IN THAT WILL ADD TO THE DESIREABILITY OF ONE’S EMPLOYMENT IN THE FIELD. (not sure I’m happy with the last clause of this sentence yet…? ) Once an individual is accepted into either the RCMP or a municipal police force, they must undergo intense training. Their training includes simulations of various police encounters, physical training, shooting exercises, and often exercises that will be painful such as getting TAZERED, pepper sprayed AND UNDERGOING fight simulations. The training is emotionally and physically tolling, but it prepares officers for events they may experience. Once one has become a police officer they can expect a salary that ranges between 60,000 to 100,000 depending on the region, specialty, and ranking. They also receive benefits such as extended medical and pension plans. First off (only use this transition word for the first paragraph), police officers’ irregular shift work may lead to several health complications, disruptions in social life and sleeping disorders. The MOST COMMON effects of shiftwork include: “circadian deregulation, sleep insufficiency, and disruption of familial and social life” (Wirth et al., 2011). In addition to that, lack of sleep itself presents many more health complications. A disruption to the circadian rhythm can be dangerous for police officers as they face “lengthy, stressful and sometimes life threatening work” (Wirth et al., 2011). It is difficult for the...
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