The Struggles of Independent Artists

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Cause and Effect Essay BY: Natheesh
The music industry is one of the biggest industries in the world today. With millions of people listening to some of the best singers; music has become a need for people today. There are many genres of music with floods of artists filling them. You have Justin Bieber who leads all singers in the pop category, in fan support. There is also country music, which is led by Taylor Swift. Rap is another big genre, which has many great rappers. Some include Lil Wayne and Eminem. These artists make it hard for independent artists to showcase their talent. Loads of upcoming and current artists make it hard for independent artists to have a successful career.

Independent artists have a lot of competition to go through to have a successful career. They need talent in music and they need an interest in the music industry. They need to work hard and overcome the obstacles they face. Independent artists today have many obstacles in getting their music produced and heard; these include financial difficulties, difficulty in getting their music on the radio, and the censorship and banning of their music.

The biggest obstacle in an independent artists' career is developing it. This is because if they do not have the necessary amount of money needed, they will have no music to sell. Most Independent artists do not spend their money wisely, which results in failure. They either, blow money on unnecessary services, waste time in getting their music published, or simply do not have the amount of money needed to create their music. Ribas Vinny wrote about this topic. He talks about what artists do with their money and he offers ideas for the artists to improve their financial capabilities. Here is what he wrote.

Many artists are under-funded and so they can’t purchase the tools they need or hire the help they need. Sometimes this is a result of lack of funds to begin with. Sometimes it is because the available funds are not spent wisely. Successful artists know that they need to constantly invest and reinvest in their act. They establish a budget and stick with it. They raise capital if it is necessary, whether it comes from investors, crowd sourcing, a loan or some sort of enterprising venture. If they are not good at managing their money, they hire someone who is. They do not let money, or the lack of it stop them. (Vinny, "15 Reasons Why Some Indie Artists Fail And Others Succeed). Producing music is extremely expensive also. The more money artists' put in their promotion, the more people will listen to their music. Artists need to decide on which path to take. They can either put loads of money in their song, or they can work hard and do many social interactions with future listeners. If they plan on selling an album, it can cost them plenty of money. Bar Scott wrote about how much this can cost. Scott say's says she spent up to $54K in bringing her album to the store. Here is what she went through to get her album out.

To date, I have spent about $54k on Parachute. That means that I have to sell 5400 units at an average of $10 per CD to break even. It’s worth noting here that I have not gotten paid at all for my part of this project. That will happen when I pay off the investors who invested the 50k that I spent so handily, and the additional 4k I put on my credit card to make up the difference. (Scott, How Much Does it Cost to Make a CD in 2006?). Although this was published in 2006, the cost to produce an album today, most likely, exceeds the amount Scott talks about. Artists can get an idea of how much it takes to make a album from her article. $54K is extremely difficult to get. Many artists will also feel uncomfortable to use this money, because there is a risk involved. Artists cannot always make their money back. They can get a loss, and lose some of the money they put in. If an artist wants to become successful they would have to take the risk, even if they have...
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