The Struggle Is Real

Topics: High school, Student, College Pages: 4 (1335 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Taimur Ahmed
Ms. Flor Edwards
English 1B
15 April 2013
The Struggle is Real
Over the past several decades, standards for college admission have increased dramatically. And although extraordinary credentials used to guarantee one admission into the university of their dreams, it is sad to say that they no longer do. Nowadays, even the valedictorian who lettered in three sports while serving as class president all four years of high school is not promised entrance into his or her dream school.

The number of able, talented high school seniors is rising rapidly every year, and while there is room for all of them to continue their educational pursuits, their most desired schools cannot accept everyone. Admission officers across the country must sift through thousands of applications to weed out those who gain admission, and those who do not. Colleges and universities maintain strict policies on the criteria for the acceptance of applicants, some of which include academic achievements, community service, extracurricular and/or recreational activities, and the required admissions essay. This process can be substantially exhausting and anxiety-filled for young men and women.

Too often, high school students possess tunnel vision when it comes to college admission, viewing every advanced placement course as merely one more hill to climb until they finally reach the end of the line. Instead of pursuing their genuine interests, too many students deem it more effective to take rigorous, courses in the sole hope that it would look better on their applications and put them ahead of potential candidates. “I think that the focus is sad, says Clinton Foster, an admissions officer at Lawrence University in Wisconsin. At that point, a high school education becomes a resume of accomplishments, rather than a process of personal development. Students should be able to evaluate how they’ve grown as a person, as well as list their achievements.” (Foster) If a student is...
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